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My house burned down on July 11, 2016. Paul Davis and his people came to take care of the house, restore, clean up., etc.

Our insurance company USAA recommended Paul Davis to us, little we knew how irresponsible, unprofessional. money-mongering Paul Davis is. We signed a contract with them. As of September 7, 2017, we're still waiting for them to build the house.

All they do is ask for more money, and come up with excuses why they have not completed the work.

we're PAYING mortgage at this location. we were force to rent another place until our house is built.

Review about: Paul Davis Restoration Fire Damage Restoration.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We still have to pay the mortgage because Bank of America will not give us a break. Still today no work has been done.

I fired Paul Davis and I am in the process of hiring a new contractor not recommended by the insurance.

I am trying to get my money back from PD given that we had paid them over $135K dollars for nothing.

I don't know whether or not they are in cahoots but I will get my house built correctly with the new contractor and then I will see what the next step is.


I'm confused.

Why are you paying a mortgage when there is no habitable structure ?

Did you settle with the insurance company ? If so, was the property treated as a total loss ?

If not treated as a total loss, were you paid in a lump sum ?

Did you read the contract you signed ? What statement is there regarding completion date or partial payments ? What other misapplications can you find ?

Is the work that has been performed up to standard ?

Code ? Permits ?

There's probably some wiggle room of grounds for a breach of contract action on your part. If you have not settled with the insurance company, then squeezing any funds or assistance from them will be a fool's errand. I hate it when nice normal citizens get stiffed by greedy or unethical (read : criminal) service providers.

I wish I was licensed in your state ; I'd take your case for free. It would be fun.

to Bart #1383687

What state are you in?

The house was declared a total loss. The money is being sent to the Mortgagor.

The completion date was 8 months after we obtained permits. That expired at the beginning of this month. The work was not performed up to standards. The first floor framing (as in the picture) needs to be demolished.

Right now they are in breach of contract. The work was performed substandard. The insurance company, USAA, is responsible. They brought them into my life.

USAA still holding some of the money for the settlement.



It seems to me you should investigate your insurance company, too, since they recommended Paul Davis to you. Sounds like they might be in cahoots.

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